The Adobe Symposium 2016

The Adobe Symposium – Experience Business

The 3rd annual Adobe Symposium this year focused almost entirely on what Adobe calls the ‘Experience-Led business.’ The by now proven symposium concept, held at the efficient Marina Bay Sands Expo Centre, brings together over a thousand marketers, data scientists and even IT-people. You get a full day of entertainment and showcases with the latest and greatest in marketing, customer experience and creative solutions from the Adobe suite, or should we now say product cloud.


The connected package: The next generation in brand efficiency, interaction and appeal

Product packaging has long played multiple roles for brand owners and retailers. Beyond containing the product, it conveys information about the brand. It helps in tracking products with UPC labels and barcodes that make inventory and POS scanning easier. And, as a key consumer touchpoint, it engages consumers with… (Contributed by Bruce Miller, Vice President of Product Development at SGK)


Echelon – the pulse of the Asian startup scene

e27 started as a blog for startups but has grown to a platform that provides startups with knowledge, resources and connections to be successful. We fondly remember the Walkabouts, held on a Friday and a good excuse to wander around the startup communities in Ayer Rajah and Tanjong Pagar, and being plied with free candy, beer and pizza by the nation’s shoestringers.

As part of their activities e27 now organise Echelon, a conference that combines…


The Emarsys Story

Emarsys is one of the 3800+ players that occupy Scott Brinker’s Chiefmartech Lumascape. Contrary to many of those players they have been around for a while. Emarsys was founded in 2001 and has grown considerably, yet they are still independent in a world where the big guys like Oracle and IBM are gobbling up…