Five Predictions for Adtech in 2020

This is the time of year when people start gazing ahead and can’t resist a powerful urge to try and predict what the coming year will bring. 2020 is even worse, since it’s the beginning of a new decade. Should AdAsia join the fray? We received the following predictions from Vivi Wang, Business Development Director, Southeast Asia over at Mobvista, a provider of mobile advertising and analytics.

Agile Marketing – more buzz or a genuine way forward?

With Marketing Automation well established across all industries and its perceived benefits and opportunities now available to the smallest of business and to the individual, it’s perhaps not surprising that the way we ‘do marketing’ is also evolving. Interestingly, one methodology gaining lots of traction over recent years was born and grew up in the same world that developed the technology that now underpins our automation platforms: Agile Marketing.