Published by Marshall Cavendish

Andy Maslen, after short spell as a sales representative and a cook, started his career promoting business reports, journals and directories through direct mail and became a marketing director in the corporate sector. He set up his own agency, Sunfish, in 1996. He has subsequently written four books on the subject of copywriter, all of which have been are reviewed by AdAsia. Marshall Cavendish has republished all four in paperback form.

In this Maslen’s first book, he lives up to the title and systematically list one hundred ideas. Calling them 100 “great” ideas is a bit of a stretch (to be fair this book was part of a series of “greats” ) and you will find them more as useful tips.

Both small businessmen and writers in sales departments could learn a lot from the author. This little book is a good buy. Keep it on the shelf to inspire you.