The fat cat gets the cream again

I have received some sad news. Something bright and beautiful died last week. Or maybe to be more accurate has succumbed to a disease which has killed many in our industry. I am talking about the absorption of BBH into Publicis. While the global giant Publicis had held a large stake, BBH was…

What do think of the State of Marketing 2012?

AdAsia’s partner, the CMO Council (Chief Marketing Officer), wants to know how you assess global marketing vitality and direction. AdAsia subscribers are invited to share with the CMO Council your experiences and predictions. You can join the 350 advisory board members worldwide in completing the 42-point survey. This audit is lengthy and wise-ranging but it […]

Nouns and verbs

One of the (many) things that irritates me is nouns used as verbs. The Daily Telegraph recently ran a piece about postal deliveries: “TNT Post…is to trial delivering on the streets of West London…”. (Contributed by Adrianne LeMan)