Death and resurrection

Recently, I attended the Portfolio Night in Singapore organised this year by Y&R. In case you haven’t heard of this event, let me explain. On the same night right around the world, students and young creatives bring examples of their work (portfolio) to show to top local creative directors. It works on a speed-dating concept. About 15 minutes is given with each guru who can advise the aspiring writer or art director. Often the best people are offered an appointment for…

A Richer, Simpler, Smarter 2013

2012 was an eventful year around the globe—from political and economic changes (elections and changing of global leaders and unrest in fragile, young Middle Eastern democracies) to global celebrations (Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics) and to scientific phenomena and discoveries (the century’s last solar transit of Venus [the next is in 2117] and the successful landing of Rover Curiosity on Mars). All this while the world continued to work… (Contributed by Kathy Oneto, VP, Brand Strategy, Anthem Worldwide)