Get to the point branding

Consumers today are literally bombarded with brand messages on multiple media platforms and devices at home, on the go, in stores and on the shelf. It is overwhelming for consumers to make sense of it all and sift through the clutter and noise to get to what is important to them. Consumers today have little time to read… (Contributed by Nanda Sibol, Director, Brand Strategy of Anthem)

Brands For Life

It sounds a bit implausible, but at the intersection of a macro trend and a consumer trend is the opportunity for brands to step up and fill a void to create meaningful, trustworthy relationships with consumers. Marred from events following the global financial meltdown to recent exposés of misbehavior… (Contributed by Kathy Oneto, VP, Brand Strategy of Anthem)

Medium agencies on a roll with clients!

Every client is like a parent. And their product or company, their baby. Just like any other parent they are fiercely protective of their brand. And they love the ones who pamper and care for their brand just like they do. By its vastness, force of creative people and work, a big agency would be obvious one that a client would want to go for. But still a lot of clients today prefer a medium sized agency over.. (Contributed by Sandeep Bomble, Founder & Creative Director of Palasa)

Minimalist Design

Minimalist design is set to become a principle design trend in 2013, catering to consumers’ desire to absorb information quickly and easily given their increasingly impatient nature and growing time constraints. This design movement goes beyond the influence that Apple’s well-known, simple design aesthetic has had around the globe — now, it’s more the Twitter 140-character restriction translated to… (Contributed by Tammy Chung, Assistant Brand Strategist of Anthem Worldwide)

App-Operator Tie-Ups: The Future of Mobile Communication

The basic needs of society are often triggers for innovations in the technology and telecom space across the world. While, there might be a several million phones out there in the market, one thing that binds all of them together is their ability to help users stay connected with each other. Similarly, mobile messaging applications equip users to not only reach out to their personal and professional connections but allow them to do… (Contributed by Joby Babu, Chief Operating Officer of Nimbuzz)