You cannot afford to wait

Just a few years ago I read a piece in The Economist talking about a new technology called 3D printing. It seemed like something from science fiction. From a drawing or photograph, a printer can actually build up layers of material to create a copy of the original. About 18 months ago, I saw that 3D printing machines could actually be purchased and the price was not astronomical. I became very excited and talked to a friend of mind about…

The Art of Programmatic Buying

The landscape of advertising and media has been transformed by digital. The last 15 years have given us plethora of digital platforms – banners, search, mobile and video ads, Facebook etc. Now we are looking at another milestone in the form of programmatic advertising. But what exactly… (Contributed by Matt Harty, General Manager of the global digital-media acquisition platform Accuen Asia Pacific – a part of Omnicom Media Group)