What happened to craft?

The one thing that everyone working in the visual communications industry has in common — whether you are in advertising or design — is that we all got into this business because of our passion for art. Some of us loved photography, others film, while the rest just loved drawing, painting or creating things. The last 10 years, and the last five in particular, have made us all obsessed… (A series of articles by Ignacio Oreamuno, Executive Director of the Art Directors Club, and partner of iStock, a specialist in crowd-sourced royalty free stock images.)

Anything is possible: Understanding a generation of emerging adults

In the U.S. alone, there are more than 80 million people born after 1980 – the largest generation ever. And even though they don’t have as much money to spend as older generations, they’ll be consumers for a very long time. For the future of almost any brand, understanding the millennial generation is… (Contributed by Bruce Levinson, Vice President, Client Engagement of SGK)