The Power of Passionate Presentations

When you strongly believe in something, you are at your most persuasive. Allein Moore moved millions of dollars worth of business during his advertising career because he felt passionately about his creative work. He wants not only to inspire you but give you practical advice on how to create persuasive business presentation, to a small […]

The Craft of Copywriting

This course is aimed at people with some professional experience or just beginning a career as a copywriter or perhaps currently working as a brand manager and wanting to understand the creative process better. The Craft of Copywriting is built around six modules and is covered over 2 days with a break between for home […]

What is your New Year Resolution?

In the old days when AdAsia was a print magazine, we had a spread in January issue displaying the New Year Resolutions of well-known people in the advertising, marketing and media field. Even then, I found many people had not even thought about this. I am sure with the increasing digital noise and the demands of our hectic industry, many of you have not sat back and pondered this. What are your New Year Resolutions?

Rekindling Craft

Juniors and schools producing juniors have gotten one thing disastrously wrong: the loss of craft in portfolios could not be more obvious. From a business perspective, it is easy to understand that schools have been forced to re-structure their curriculums to appear more modern and to shift from producing print books to digital books with integrated media and social media… (A series of articles by Ignacio Oreamuno, Executive Director of the Art Directors Club, and partner of iStock, a specialist in crowd-sourced royalty free stock images.)

Generation Youth: The baby boomers and everyone else

In 1963, Pepsi-Cola kicked off a TV, radio, print and billboard campaign that made advertising history. Pepsi showed young people motorcycling, skiing, surfboarding, flirting. The product itself was barely described except as the choice of “livelier, active people,” with “the young view of things.” The campaign’s tagline: “Come alive! You’re in the Pepsi generation!” The campaign didn’t just speak… (Contributed by Lor Gold, Global Chief Creative Officer, SGK)