Two truths about today’s Internet (and why they matter to brands)

When you take a look at recent internet demographic and site-user statistics, two truths emerge. (1) The demographics of internet use are in constant evolution and flux. A BlogHer study showed that women are one of the fastest-growing segments of internet users and are fast mobile-adopters. A comScore study shows that women spend 25 percent more time… (Contributed by Spencer Ball, Creative Director of Anthem, Singapore)

Breaking down barriers in digital advertising

Do more, faster. It’s an eternal business imperative, but it looks particularly challenging when your industry is already working in transactions that start and finish in one-tenth of a second. According to eMarketer, Asia-Pacific digital ad spending is expected to increase from US$30.58 billion in 2013 to US$50.18 billion by 2017. In addition, digital display and ad spending… (Contributed by Tejaswini Tilak, Director, Global Content & Digital Media, Equinix)