The Golden Age of Art Direction

Wandering around the entries of print advertising displayed at the AdFest in Thailand (6th-8th March 2014), I was struck by the amount of illustration. For a long time, I feared illustration (within advertising) in Asia would never take off but here it was in full glory. Art directors and designers have been producing delightful and imaginative illustrations alongside digitally enhanced photography to create eye-catching ads. Often the visual was the idea and copy just…

Evolution of smart marketing in the dynamic social media landscape

Today, the ever-changing social media landscape provides umpteen opportunities to brands and marketers. The concern is how brands leverage these opportunities in the right manner and at the right moment to convey their business messaging, social media marketing today has moved beyond likes and follows. There is no choice for a brand whether… (Contributed by Vinish Kathuria, Chief Operating Officer, Digital Quotient)