A general overview of online shopping

The internet was first developed in the 1960’s. After a series of meetings to discuss issues relating to the structure and implementation of the worldwide communication, Tim Berners-Lee introduced what we now commonly refer to as the internet existence on the 6th August 1991. With the internet and the developing communication system infrastructure across the globe came enormous… (Contributed by Stephane Marc Thomasse)

Data brings added relevancy to advertisers’ video campaigns in SEA

Video is now consumed by millions of consumers around the globe each day. Whether tuning in to their favourite television programming on the computer, or watching original video content on their Smartphones, consumers engage with video content for entertainment, knowledge and social connections. This engagement and emotional appeal is what makes… (Contributed by Byron Munson, Regional Director, APAC, Videology, Inc.)

The Age of Redefinition

Reflecting back on our 2013 forecast, we believed we were at an inflection point and that the past year would guide us toward a new path. As we begin 2014, we find that we’re at the start of a new phase, one grounded in the concept of Redefinition. This is fueled by us reevaluating what makes life good and confronting the world’s current challenges, recognising that we will not get to the best outcomes by simply… (Contributed by Nanda Sibol, Senior Director, Brand Strategy, Anthem)