Digital Marketing World Forum – Singapore

Next week, the leading digital and social marketing conference is taking place in Singapore at the Marina Mandarin on the 29 Feb – 1 March. Speakers at the conference include: Rod Strothers, VP Digital Transformation at Starhub, Kartick Narayan, CMO, Asia Pacific & Latin America at  Groupon and Rahul Asthana, Regional Marketing Director at Kimberly-Clark. The organisation […]

Digital brands going brick-and-mortar (Things get real, real fast)

There’s an irony in the concern that brick and mortar retail is doomed to slowly erode: Some of the largest global brands are very intentionally giving birth to their brands in the physical space – in real life. Their challenge is, “How do we impactfully engage the consumer when the consumer only knows us on-screen or online?” (Contributed by Alex Vera, Director of Creative Services, IDL Worldwide)