In the Nielsen Global Survey of New Product Purchase Sentiment, it appeared that online Malaysian consumers were quite gung ho about new product innovations. 25% consider themselves early purchasers of new product innovations. However, most agreed only somewhat with this statement, with just 5% fully agreeing. The respondents in Malaysia, however, were less enthusiastic than their neighbours in the Asia Pacific region who registered 38% agreement, who were also higher than the global average.

Almost two thirds Malaysian said they would wait until a new innovation has proven itself before making a purchase. On new products, 65% said they would prefer to buy a new product from a familiar brand. However this willingness to switch is higher than the Asia Pacific average of 55%.

In terms of product awareness, it seems the Malaysian respondents who used free samples were most likely to purchase a new product. Like Singapore, word-of-mouth communications were also important. Family and friends (69%) as well as professionals and experts (67%) played a major role. Seeing the products in store (67%) and in TV ads (56%) remain influential but active Internet searching (56%) equalled the influence of TV ads.

“While conventional marketing vehicles such as in-store presence and TV advertising continue to be the largest drivers of awareness, consumers are increasingly looking to the Internet for information when making purchasing decisions,” said Richard Hall, Managing Director of Nielsen Malaysia.

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