It has been ten years since the 4As introduced the Crowbar Awards for students. If our editor remembers correctly it was the initiative of Bernard Chan then President of 4A. The festival this year consists of the Crowbar Awards, the 48-hour Challenge, a Crowbar Seminar and Crowbar Awards Show night. The awards are chaired this year by Pann Lim and Jonathan Yuen from Kinetic. Heads of jury include Thomas Yang from DDB Singapore, Larry Peh from &Larry, Ivanho Harlim and film director Royston Tan. Fighting fish form the main graphic element this year. Entries close on 18th May for film and 20th May for the remaining disciplines. In 2010, this event attracted 1,000 entries from 39 schools around the globe.

To kickoff the official start with the call for award entries, a full length shelf of fighting fish in glass jars was installed in select locations such as creative education institutions, graduation shows and design bookstores in April. Arts and design students are urged to initiate the ‘fight’ by pulling out the Crowbar entry card strategically positioned between the jars.