I’d like to take this moment to wish all AdAsia subscribers a very pleasant Christmas, shared with family and friends. Of course, as we are an Asia-wide publication, probably the Christian readers are in a minority. However, this does not seem to stop Asian people celebrating this festival. Yes, it is a commercial opportunity for retailers, but even for those who care little about baby Jesus and his birth, subscribe to the idea of giving gifts and remembering friends and business supporters by posting or electronically sending cards. It is too easy in the rush to push our careers or make more money, to forget what is really important in life and Christmas is a good time to reflect on this.

Important to us all, is the beauty and abundance of Mother Earth. I am bitterly disappointed in the failure of the countries meeting in South Africa to come to any real agreement on carbon emissions, and there seems there is little support for the renewal of the modest Kyoto Agreement. Sadly, it is two large Asian countries who are the biggest polluters but their Governments do not seem to understand how critical it is to the future of their country and the rest of the planet to reduce carbon emissions quickly and avoid further global warming. Anyone under 50 should be very frightened at the future ahead if no action is taken this year or next.

Can marketing save the world? Marketing guru, Philip Kotler, believes marketers can make a significant difference to the problems facing us. He is behind the World Marketing Summit planned for Dhaka in March 2012. Here the best brains in the marketing industry and academia will be focusing on issues like food shortages, education and waste reduction. My observation is that many more CEOs and companies these days do take social responsibility seriously and genuinely want to see their organisation help others as well as make a profit. I hope they will give their support to this important conference.

Rather than end on this rather sombre note, let me thank you for your support of AdAsia and myself over the years. I raise a glass and wish you all good health and happiness.

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