Some of us more mature people may get irritated by young people constantly engaged on their smartphones. But it seems even youngsters are rebelling. According to a recent survey, 24% of people have missed out on experiencing important moments because they were too busy documenting it with their smartphone for online sharing.

The ad agency BBH nurtures young folks within Barn, a global internship programme. The Singapore office is part of that programme and their interns have recently created a campaign called ‘Social Rehab’. This aims to get people to log off their social networks when they are out with friends and get back to real life friendships. The Social Rehab toolkit takes elements of the digital world and create tangible items such as Instaglasses instead of Instagram, ‘Twitter’ note cards instead of digital Tweets, and ‘Like’ stickers instead of ‘Like’ buttons. The campaign encourages young people to put their phones in a special locker at nightspots. The incentive is a drinks promotion. There will also be a website that houses a Guide to 21st Century Cell Phone Etiquette.

One of the creators of Social Rehab, Sarah Chan, said, “We are all young people who have realised how much smartphones are impacting the quality of the time we spend with our friends. Our campaign simply shows the rewards of real life interactions without the constant presence of a smartphone.”

Social Rehab Team (left to right): Sarah, Rhys and Scarlett.

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