Sara Lee Singapore’s main business is in the H&BC (household and body care) categories. While shoe care is one of the core categories with Kiwi brand being the dominant player, it was not supported in above-the-line advertising for many years. With the launch of new Kiwi Express Shoe Shine which is a shoe shine sponge with a reservoir containing coloured liquid. The client would like to leverage on the news to further grow the category by increasing the usage incidence and frequency.

Marketing Challenge

In the Singapore context, consumers do not place high importance on shine for their shoes. This could partly be attributed to their multiple ownership of shoes as well as the cleanliness of the city. Hence the key business challenge was to help substitute new purchases of shoes with increasing frequency of shinning the existing pairs.


To maintain leading position in the shoe care market in a relatively low-growth category.

To grow the shoe care business to S$1.3 million in Singapore.

Target segment

The primary target segment was PMEBs (Professionals, Managers, Executives, Businessmen). These people are high users of leather shoes. However, they do not like the hassle of polishing or waxing their shoes due to time constraints and laborious effort needed and the messiness attached to it. Compounded by the hectic lifestyle of consumers, that leaves little time to do other things, there is a high need for products of high and easy convenience.

The Creative Business Idea

The core proposition was to highlight the product benefit of a hassle free shine. Building on the insight of the busy PMEBs and their reluctance to shine their shoes, the idea revolved around going into the involvement zone of the consumer and encouraging product application and trial. A fleet of 40 taxis which is a popular medium of advertising in Singapore was used. These were very interestingly ‘decorated’ with high impact 3-D visuals. Within the cab, the Kiwi Express was placed for the commuters to try out this new product and recognise its benefits to help result in sales.

The insight

The last thing busy PMEB’s does before he sets out of the house for work is wear his shoes and more often than not takes a cab to his place of work. The idea simply arose from this consumer truth. If he forgets or dismisses shinning his shoes at home, give him the opportunity to do it in the next thing he does, the taxi cab. He has the time there and we realised that the key benefit of this product is the fact that it is hassle free and quick. Once he experiences this product, chances are he would dismiss the hassle he perceives about this product.

Maximising the use of media

Maximising the use of the taxi medium as a whole with the top as a giant shoe with the product in constant (motorised) motion of shining the shoe. This magnified the drama around the product and the motorised application depicted the speed of the product thereby creating high impact. Also by using the door panel visuals as legs of people, it gives the impression of people actually sitting inside the cab adding a touch of humor. The product placement in the centre of the cab ensured that all passengers could use it with ease.

The installation of an in-vehicle product placement was an opportunity for passengers to see, feel and experience the product during their taxi ride.

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