If ever there was digital elegance, the Canon IXUS 400 is it. But in a competitive and fast growth market, how does a new product stand out from the crowd? Canon Asia turned to Yahoo! Southeast Asia, hoping to create a buzz and drive new sales of the Canon IXUS 400. What they had not recognized at the time was that they would get far more than creative ads and customer leads.

Campaign Elements

The campaign kicked off on 14th April 2003. Taking full advantage of Yahoo!’s global reach, the high impact adverts were carried on Yahoo! Singapore, Yahoo! Asia and Yahoo! US sites.

Yahoo! worked with Canon’s creative team, Ac’laim on the online campaign. Ac’laim came up with the concept of the creatives which results in the idiosyncratic animated cartoon units that took over the Yahoo! homepage with their off-the-wall imagery.

In a drive to cultivate a deeper relationship with consumers, Ac’laim developed the IXUS game, which gave consumers the opportunity to interact with the brand through engaging online entertainment. Not only has the game taken online marketing interactivity to new heights, it has introduced consumers to the fun of the Canon world, and this involvement with the brand has led to an increase in brand association and top-of-mind recall.

Measurement is everything

Until now, the success of online advertisements has been measured by the click-through rate, the number of times the unit is clicked on by the consumer. On occasions, brands can track consumer leads generated by specific ads.

For Canon, Yahoo! took measurement of return-on-investment one step further by presenting a new, more well-balanced and effective assessment. A targeted online survey of ‘click-through’ consumers measured brand awareness and purchase intent. But it also measured ad awareness and interest in product attributes. This information was critical in analyzing the success of the online ads, as well as the effectiveness of the parallel offline campaign.

The more in-depth survey not only gave Canon an insight into the success of the campaign itself but recommendations on how future campaigns should be designed and integrated. In this way, it delivered a new standard in return-on-investment.

The Yahoo! Advantage

Canon also benefited from Yahoo!’s massive audience and membership in Southeast Asia. In Singapore alone, Yahoo! attracts over 1 million unique visitors each week and reaches more young people than I-Weekly and 8 Days combined.

Its database capabilities also affords unique targeting capabilities that maximize campaign effectiveness and measurement. By leveraging on the strength of the Yahoo! brand, Yahoo! helps to build a community of product users in a short time.

“Yahoo! has proven to be a powerful medium in reaching out to potential Canon customers,” said June Ang, Marketing Manager, Consumer Imaging & Information Division, Canon Asia Marketing Group. “Yahoo!’s massive reach allows us to catch the attention of millions of people in the right target group, engage them through eye-catching creatives and animations, and allow them to experience the products and all their features.”


This campaign reinforced the fact that the Internet is the most effective medium for marketing campaigns. In a poll conducted by Yahoo!, the Internet emerged as the second most effective medium for the campaign, following closely behind newspapers, but ahead of TV, magazines, radio and outdoor advertising.

By the end of the first week of the campaign, 63.62%* of the traffic to Canon’s micro-site, Mydigitalcam.com, was driven by Yahoo!. The campaign received top-of-mind recall as 67% of survey respondents recalled seeing the Canon IXUS 400 campaign.

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