To reinforce YoMost as a yoghurt drink with attitude, heightening its cool factor with the target audience, Vietnamese teens, Leo Burnett Vietnam created and produced an engaging, action-packed campaign for YoMost of Dutch Lady Vietnam. It featured four teen characters – created to reflect an authentic representation of teens – that speak directly to Vietnamese teens in a manner and language that they relate to.

Comprising TV, outdoor, print and online, the YoMost campaign adopted a ‘made by teens for teens’ attitude, showcasing a slice of teen life including fashion, music, and street culture to capture an accurate representation of total teen life via the four lead characters on the Yo Crew (Minh, Thinh, Ngoc and Tuan). The entire campaign revolves around the Yo Crew, an approach pivotal in allowing the audience to identify with, get to know and subsequently form a ‘bond’ with, much like their peers.

At the heart of the campaign is a series of TV spots telling the story of the Yo Crew that forms a short series when it runs one after another – similar to a teen soap opera. All the stories happen in and around one teen’s outlet – the coffee shop.

All about strong attitude towards ‘real street culture’, the stories are shot through a documentary style camera (amateurish and loose frame) as it follows the four teens in their search for coolness. Fun-loving and adventurous, the Yo Crew love street culture of any form and are quite adept at most of the ‘disciplines’ of street culture with each specialising in one or another. They use these skills in everyday situations to overcome various obstacles associated with acceptance in a teen environment.

This is the unique approach to the action sequences that will deliver energy and vibrancy that set YoMost spots apart from other ‘youth’-oriented action spots. This creates a unique set of action sequences that are truly characterised by the culture and environment of Ho Chi Minh City.

TV, print and online teasers ran for two weeks prior to the actual launch.

TVC: A series of teaser TV spots showing the four leads’ various skill demonstrations with minimal information providing an on-air date to launch for a TV show later.

Print: Graffiti-styled print ads introduced the Yo Crew and also drives traffic to the YoMost coolzone website.

Website: Teaser video clips, characters pictures and character profiles are set up on website.

By the time the campaign launched on 15th May, more hype was driven as the Yo Crew was introduced in a series of intertwined commercials (30-sec spot that could work as a stand-alone story or sequential series of ad to form a whole life teen story), print, outdoor and online (including introductory video clips of characters, behind-the-scenes footage, tutorial page to teach teens the specialties of the Yo Crew, online competition for best ideas for future episodes, free ringtone download, Yo Crew Blogs, forums and more).

The campaign went far and beyond reaching out to the teens via multiple mediums. More significantly, its in-depth understanding of the target audience allowed it to build relevant, engaging content that grip the consumers’ attention and interest. Its online competition for best ideas for future episodes also ensure continuity of this brand platform and in turn cultivate subsequent interest in future brand communication.

Some results:

The teaser campaign, popular among Vietnamese teens, clocked 42,000 web visits during the 2-week period.

The launch campaign registered more than 100,971 hits within the first 10 days of launch.

To date, close to 250,000 hits have been recorded.

Sale: 30% increase in sales in 6 weeks.

Brand awareness: 100% brand awareness was reported (TV ad, Print ad recall) and of course the website supported by strong number of hits shown.