With the New Year over, and Chinese New Year just a few weeks away, we can expect quite a few resignations. It is after a company bonus (if anyone is lucky enough to still get those) that many get itchy feet. The arrival of the new year tends to force one to take a good look at the current job and progress, or lack therein.

In the advertising and marketing industry, few people stay for years and years. Indeed to get the experience and push up salary, one is more or less expected to move on after a couple of years. With CMOs reporting optimism and increased budgets for the coming 12 months, we can expect to start seeing more openings for ambitious executives. However, the universal cry is that it is hard to find good professionals. Inexperienced people almost always cost the company dearly. The good news is that the industry, at least in Singapore, is taking the need to upgrade people seriously. The 4As in Singapore is grooming people from graduation onwards and conducting classes in digital media. AdAsia Academy will be continuing it presentation skills and copywriting courses, both of which have has been highly rated by participants, while the Singapore Media Academy has been offering film production and other subjects at its impressive place on the river.

All of us need to improve our professional skills and learn new ones as the world changes around us. In 2013, one needs to take these challenges seriously. Now what should I do…?

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