Jos. Birken and Allein G. Moore

Singapore’s long-established advertising trade magazine, AdAsia, aimed at the advertising and marketing industry, has been bought over by a group of local investors. It was started in 2000 by ex-agency creative director Allein Moore, and was notable for its large tabloid format and colourful front covers. The magazine won Best Trade Magazine in the 2005 Society of Publishers Asia awards. Its sister magazine Designer, won a design and editorial award the following year.

Moore took the bold step of moving completely into digital in 2010 and in doing so turned his magazine into an international publication with increased distribution and subscriber numbers.

New publisher, Jos. Birken

The new team have major plans to reposition the magazine and revamp the content under the new publisher, Jos. Birken.

Jos. has been in Singapore for more than 10 years and most recently has been CEO of KatalystM and Marketing Science.

New Direction, Marketing of the Future

“Marketing is moving in new directions, which in my view are insufficiently covered by the current trade press. Marketing is becoming more consumer focused and is increasingly part and parcel of the overall customer experience. On top of that, technology is becoming an important part of marketing. AdAsia, with its strong brand, history and authority, is an ideal magazine to cover the new direction the industry is taking. Incidentally, and this may sound contrarian, but I would also not rule out publishing a print edition again”.

Allein Moore to stay on

Allein Moore, a high-profile figure in the advertising industry, will stay on as International Editor, reflecting his plan to spend more time overseas. “I am happy to see the new team under Jos. take over the magazine. I believe they have the skills and the energy to pump up the publication to a new level. Jos. is already a respected columnist for an international marketing magazine and he has solid experience in branding, marketing and marketing technology. I have been looking for the right people to take over and I am confident in this new team.”

New editorial team being formed

A brand new editorial team, including Allein Moore in the role of International Editor, is currently being formed. More news about this will follow soon.

Reinstating the AdAsia Pub Nites

The new management also plans to reinstate the famous AdAsia Pub Nites. AdAsia and its new team hope to celebrate with people from the industry at the next Pub Nite, which is currently planned in late July or early August 2014 (to be confirmed later).

New Offices, and presence at ad:tech Asean 2014

AdAsia’s editorial offices will now be at Temple Street.

The new AdAsia team can be reached at:


(T) +65-6327-6528

AdAsia can also be found at Booth E12 of the ad:tech Asean 2014 exhibition in Halls 404-406, Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore.

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