jos-birken-480x600A heartwarming welcome to Chiang Fock Pong, Assistant Director at NTUC LearningHub, who has become the 1,000th member of our Group!

We started this group a few months ago, as the LinkedIn complement of our website, and already it has become a focal point for marketing professional who want to learn, discuss, and opinionated in the ever-expanding area where marketing and technology meet.

Martech, as it’s getting to be known, is inseparable from modern marketing. If your starting points are your hundred of thousands or millions of customers, and you want to stay relevant, personal and top of mind with each and everyone of those, you need technology, plain and simple.

A plethora of platforms is evolving to help those who want to stay ahead: it’s a zoo out there, with many different animals. And on top of that, your modus operandi is changing: copywriting becomes storytelling; strategy is no longer about finding audiences but about structuring personal relationships; and marketing actions are now initiated by the customer, not the marketer.

AdAsia will help you find your way in this jungle. But we can’t do it without you! Please join us in the discussion. Post questions, opinions, and comments to your heart’s delight. Don’t be shy, we’re all trying to find our way to the future here.

And a special thank you to all of you, who have made this magazine in to a success. AdAsia welcomes you to the club of future-proofmarketers.


Jos. Birken
Publisher, AdAsia Magazine.


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