AdFest Chairman Vinit Suraphongchai

Over one thousand, one hundred delegates from thirty-two countries returned home after three days at the annual AdFest held in Pattaya, Thailand. They were, no doubt, tired after looking at thousands of pieces of work that were on display and listening to the many ad gurus from USA and the region. The parties also probably added to the fatigue for many! The delegates, mainly young creatives, would have returned with pleasant memories, new friends and probably a lot of useful tips. The older delegates would find themselves re-energised the sheer amount of good ideas and the infectious enthusiasm from the younger people.

This is a multi-cultural event both in terms of the attendees and the work entered. AdFest hangs all of the work entered for the competition, not just the winners, so one can spend hours walking past the displays and peering at advertisements and promotions from Korea, Japan, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand etc. While there can only be a few selected as award winners, ideas were to be found in abundance. The promotion, direct and interactive Lotus entries were probably more impressive this year than the television films for sheer creativeness and inventiveness. As always, the AdFest organisers choose the judges well and I doubt if anyone would quarrel with the work selected by these outstanding professionals who were locked away for days agonising over which entries deserved the award in 2013.

AdFest President Jimmy Lam

This year, the judges seem less interested in a new platform or the latest technology and often chose the simple execution with a fresh idea. Engaging with the consumer and involving them in the creation seem to be the trend the judges were rewarding this time around. Spend some time looking at the winners on No doubt some of this work will be picking up metal at other shows in 2013 while some have already picked up gongs internationally.

AdFest is a fantastically well-organised event. Of course, there were a few glitches, but not enough to spoil the event for anyone. The theme (this year it was ‘Connecting the Dots’) and the graphics change annually. The designer did an outstanding job this year and it was beautifully extended onto the stage, brochures, T-shirts and bags.

In our earlier reports we highlighted the educational workshops and competitions designed to encourage young talent so it is sufficient to say that AdFest is far more than an awards show or a talking shop. Do make the time to go in 2014. It will inspire you.

AdFest 2013 entries on exhibition

AdFest 2013 Presentations

Grand Jury President Graham Fink
AdFest Jury Presidents Crossfire
Laura Kightlinger
Jury President of Film Craft Lotus & New Director Lotus John Park with one of The Fabulous Four 2013.
Radio Guru Tony Hertz
Getty Images speaker Micha Schwing
Jury President of Effective Lotus Farid Chehab
D&AD CEO Tim Lindsay

Memories of the AdFest 2013 awards presentation

The Welcoming Party always a popular event