This is the final day of AdFest 2013. By late this evening, the work that has been on display will be taken down and by tomorrow the delegates will be on their way back to Mumbai, Prague, Sydney and other parts of the world. AdFest through its entries and delegates pulls together many different cultures. One thing which is probably unique amongst advertising shows is that all the entries are on display. Often we only see the cream of the crop, maybe the Finalists, but to see over a thousand pieces of advertising and design from different countries and cultures is a wonderful experience. It presents a much clearer picture of how the industry is performing across the region. There were some wonderfully imaginative ideas on the display panels this year. The agency may miss out on an award because of execution or simply there was an even more outstanding idea in the same category, but anyone walking round the displays will see creative people in Asia do not lack imagination.

The last speaker of the day was Graham Fink, the Grand Jury President. He moved to China about 18 months ago to become Chief Creative Officer for Ogilvy & Mather after a career in London. He humorously told of the cultural shocks he had experienced. Yet, being the man he is, he has embraced the change and his enthusiasm for his new home shone through today. He also selected a few of the film entries to demonstrate the diversity of cultures, commenting without any hint of superiority.

The third day was a treat for delegates with the screening of short films in the Fabulous Four competition for young film directors, yet another example of how AdFest encourages new talent. The morning continued with a panel discussion on how collaboration is helping to create strong and better executed ideas. In the afternoon, a veteran adman, Farid Chehab, showed that he could still embrace modern culture and new media. His presentation was entitled “10 Ways For 1 Million Returns.” This Honorary Chairman and Advisor to the Board of Leo Burnett (MENA) spoke easily and comfortably on various ways to get customers engaged and participating. For example, Chehab said people love to create and so he suggested to find a way to get them to co-create with your brand. No doubt his “Ten Ways” are now carefully recorded by the delegates and will usefully reviewed back in their home agencies.

The day ended with the announcement of the remaining award winners for AdFest 2013. By necessity, some may be disappointed but the wins were well deserved. Click here to see the full list.

It was then time for the delegates and judges to relax and enjoy the After Party held at the hotel poolside. Good food, a few drinks and a chance to talk to advertising people from around the world wrapped it up nicely.

All good things have to come to an end. If you did not attend this year, do make it a point to send in your creative work and attend in 2014. It’s a great event especially for young people.

AdAsia congratulates all the winners.

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