In March, not only can you see the best work from around the Asia region, but you can also listen to the people who are creating some of the most exciting communications in the world. AdFest is not just a large creative show coupled with an awards night and great parties, it is also an opportunity to see outstanding presentations. Here are a few to whet your appetite: On the first day, Thursday 19th March, Laurent Thevenet, Technology Director at Proximity Singapore, will talk about the emergence of inspiring new creative models involving disciplines beyond just art and copy. On Saturday, 21st March, USA-based Thai designer, Pum Lefebure, will show how she integrates a Thai sensibility with American design connecting East and West. From visual to the audio, Uncanny Valley’s Justin Shave and Charlton Hill will examine in their presentation the evolution of human response to audio and the psychology behind music as a brand tool.

Don’t miss AdFest. It is just a few weeks away. Go to and make sure you get a place.

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