As our editor pointed out recently in his ‘A Moment with Moore’ column, the industry and its trade associations should be grateful to private enterprise shouldering the responsibility for educating us. Recently, Adsmobi with the help of Crisp and Somo, hosted a Mobile Advertising Seminar at the M Hotel. The event attracted over 80 guests the commercial to government sectors with a few media agencies’ representatives mixed in. Adsmobi is an international advertising network with strengths in the app and rich mobile advertising areas.

Wandrille Pruvot
Rosalind Tan

After Wandrille Pruvot, Regional Director, Asia Pacific, Adsmobi Inc, presented a snapshot of the development of the smartphone and tablet markets, it was left to Rosalind Tan, VP, General Manager, APAC Region, Crisp, to evangelise on the need for the mobile industry to come together and agree on standards. She felt fragmentation was holding back the development of mobile advertising. She also showed examples the work her company had done in the area of rich media including the first rich mobile media advertisement in Singapore which her company had created for the Health Promotion Board.

Stuart Hunter

Following her presentation was Stuart Hunter, VP Business Development, Somo, an international firm that helps people buy mobile advertising. He revealed some more interesting facts and repeated the often quoted but shocking figure that 79% of companies were not mobile ready despite the huge shift to Internet searches via the smartphone.

One would assume the guests felt this free half-day seminar was time well-spent.

Panel discussion (left to right): Huw Aveston, Sales Director, Somo, Rosalind Tan and Ramy Yared, Co-Founder/Managing Director, Adsmobi Inc.

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