You might feel good to be awarded a coveted D&AD Yellow Pencil. You might feel even better, should you gain a Black Pencil. But you may make other people feel better if you win a White Pencil.

This new award is an initiative created by D&AD as part of its 50th anniversary celebrations. This is designed to harness your creative powers to effect and create a positive change in the world. D&AD is challenging the creative community (or, indeed, anyone who has an original idea) to solve a communications problem for a non-profit organisation or established cause. You can use any medium but all the work entered has to be produced and run, even on a small scale.

The White Pencil Ambassador is Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who said, “To do good, you must act. To encourage others to do good, you must communicate. I applaud the aims of D&AD’s White Pencil to ask those people with the strongest communication skills to act, to encourage others to act, and for that action to spread around the world.”

You can get information on this new D&AD award, click here.

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