Winning a D&AD Yellow Pencil will improve the professional life of any winner but now there is an award that will improve the lives of others. The White Pencil will be awarded to celebrate an idea that will change the world for the better. This is a completely new award created by a long-term partnership between D&AD and Unilever. The investment will be used to fund a programme of educational activities to help get people involved. The first White Pencil Award will be presented in November as part of the D&AD birthday celebrations.

Tim Lindsay

Tim Lindsay, CEO of D&AD, said, “D&AD and Unilever share the belief that marketing has the power to change the world. The White Pencil will reward an innovative idea that changes the way we behave for the better. The best brand propositions are built around real consumer needs, and the people who develop them are craftspeople of great skill. I can’t. Think of anything we need more than a change to safer, more sustainable lifestyles. And the best people to help us do that are the designers and advertising creatives who shape our behaviour in a daily basis.”