A report published in the The Straits Times on 30th May from  a survey of Singaporeans revealed that 61% of professionals planned to job hop in the next three months. Most dread going in on a Monday morning!

Of course, in our own industry it is common, and indeed expected, that executives and creatives will move frequently to push up salaries or gain experience. More worrying is the lack of passion that seems to have infiltrated the advertising industry. Cut backs on staff or just the inability to find enough competent people means remaining staff work too hard for long periods and simply burn out. Pressure from overseas masters pushes management into demanding more of employees these days.

Yet speaking to a senior person from APB at the EFFIES the other night, I was gratified to hear that the brewery actually take steps to find out if the agency they work with is happy in the relationship and, importantly, making a profit on handling the business.

How common is this? So often it is the day-to-day, on the ground, relationship between agency and client that will make a difference to those involved.  A difficult or unappreciative client can make the life of the executive handling the business miserable. We can all tell tales of unreasonable clients!  However,  an agency representative that is not positive or pro-active can lead to frustration for the brand manager and another unhappy human being.

We have been taught, or learn from experience, how to physically get ads produced and into the media but how many of us are formerly taught anything about social relationships or are challenged to improve ourselves as human beings.

Advertising is an exciting, rewarding and creative business vital to the economy. Walking around in a black cloud of depression can hide the shine this business can display.

On both sides of the fence, we need to pay attention to our emotional health. Good work will follow naturally.

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