Anthem Worldwide, the brand development company, has announced its most recent consumer insights study and the results may surprise some. Anthem identified 10 consumer and shopper trends in the USA, UK and China. Consumer sentiments were recorded and they were asked which they believed would be more prominent in 2013 – a ‘youthful spirit’ or an ‘older wiser soul’. The study conducted by Ipsos in December 2012 showed more than half (59%) believed ‘Older and Wiser’ will be a more prominent trend than ‘Youthfulness’ in 2013. Consumers in the UK and China skewed the figures in this direction. The USA respondents gave 49% vs 51%, favouring the youth.

Kathy Oneto, Vice President, Brand Strategy at Anthem Worldwide explained, “In China, this is likely due to the deep-rooted family tradition of having respect for one’s elders, along with the forecasted fast rate of growth of its elderly population given the country’s one-child policy and improved life expectancy. In the UK, the high unemployment rate of youth, at around 20%, and older people staying and having more presence in the workforce longer many be influencing this sentiment.” Oneto added that around the globe boomers still had a great influence. “The lightheartedness that was supposedly is present in youth is actually practiced at an older age, with boomers having more presence to shrug off the unimportant.” She did caution us in writing off youthfulness as this still has considerable impact on elections and creating movements.

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