Recruitment company, Firebrand, has published its Gender, Salary and Lifestyle Insights survey. This was based on its esalary survey which has been asking people in the ad and marketing industry to anonymously enter their details online. This data is probably more accurate than reports from recruitment agencies who many feel inflate the salaries they record.

Greg Savage

What has emerged from the Firebrand survey is that women are still falling behind men in the salary stakes. Greg Savage, Global CEO of Firebrand, said, “The survey simply assesses the data collected, and the data comes from the talent/employee market so any analysis of there are such large discrepancies in gender compensation would be subjective. However, its reasonable to surmise that salary discrimination still exists in a very real way in the marketing, communications and creative industry across all six countries we surveyed. I believe we can safely assume part of this difference is due to men holding more of the senior roles than woman. Of course that raises the question as to WHY that should be so? However it’s clearly not an homogenous result as in specific categories, woman earn more than men.”

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