In my last outpouring in this column, I did express my concerns about the loss of privacy in the digital world and included the mobile phone in this.

I am pleased to say that the mobile industry as a whole is aware of these concerns, certainly in terms of protecting the consumers from unwanted advertising material. This emerged quite clearly from the Mobile Marketing Forum that I attend last Wednesday and Thursday.

Permission based marketing via the mobile phone works better. In fact the response rates can be quite remarkable.

However, I did hear a fair amount of criticism about ad agencies and their failure to understand and use mobile creatively. We just don’t seem to have enough people in the industry with these skills. On top of that, we in the advertising industry as a whole appear to be unconvinced of the value of mobile as a platform for our client’s brands. For this reason AdAsia in partnership with IAS will be running a seminar and workshop on the subject later this year.

To be fair to us, the digital side of our industry has expanded at an amazing rate, even if the budgets are still small, and we simply cannot recruit sufficiently skilled people as yet. They will come in time.

We should also bear in mind, that while the technology develops in leaps and bounds, the mobile is perhaps the most intimate of the media available to us. It is a communicator, entertainer and wonderful source of information. Many of us feel distinctly uncomfortable if our phone is missing for whatever reason. People sleep more soundly with their mobiles within reach. For this reason, guests who intrude on this this private space better have an invitation or have something valuable to add to our busy lives.

Dial with care and you will get through.