The Consumer Confidence Index is published by Nielsen and in its findings for Q3 2012 in Asia Pacific showed an increase over the same period last year of 3 points. The study was conducted between 10 August and 7th September 2012 across 14 Asia Pacific countries. Six of the top ten most confident countries globally hail from this region. This make Asia Pacific the most confident region in the world.

The Philippines, Indonesia and India were the three most optimistic countries globally. Places like Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan were affected by key global economic factors linked to the on-going Euro crisis according to Therese Glennon, APMEA Consumer Insights & Innovation Leader. “Companies operating in this region can find ripe growth opportunities by engaging the emerging middle class consumers beyond mainland China and India, and into Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand.”

Savings are important to consumers in this region. Nearly two thirds (64%) were directing spare cash into savings. Up 4 percentage points compared to Q2 2012. Three in ten used their cash to invest in stocks and mutual funds and 14% funnelled excess cash into retirement funds, an increase of 11% over Q2.

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