Based in Singapore and the USA, Viki, is a film and TV site showing TV series and movies from Japan, Korean, USA and many others. A big plus for the site is that you can watch in any one of 150 languages.

Viki now has a huge worldwide audience which is what has attracted BBC Worldwide to partner using the BBC’s advertising sales team. The partnership offers top brands the opportunity to reach out to the young audience across Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Earlier this year, Viki ran successful campaigns for several leading CPG brands in Southeast Asia. The brand video ads are intermixed with the shows like regular short TV commercials.

The site was founded by Harvard and Stanford graduate students in 2008. The founders were Jiwon Moon, Changseong Ho and Razmig Hovaghimian, who is now the CEO.

The content providers gain revenue from the shows. Viki has deals distribution deals with Hulu, Netflix, Yahoo, MSN as well as content agreements with NBC, A&E, BBC Worldwide, TVB in Hong Kong and others.

The site is proving popular and growing visitors by the millions which should make the BBC sales team’s job easy.

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