What do Asia’s influential business executives read? What do they spend their wealth on? We are fascinated by these highflyers on a personal level but as people in the advertising and media industry we really must know more about them. The business elite in Asia are important customers.

Andrew Green

Andrew Green, Chief Marketing Officer, Ipsos MediaCT, introduced the report conducted by IPSOS, the international research company now merging with Synovate, at the Shangri La Hotel recently. He said the importance of Asia is becoming clear to the rest of the world. Asia is to become the biggest single market for airlines and we can expect a growth in this region of between 6% to 8%.

James Torr

James Torr, Director of Sales and Marketing, Ipsos MediaCT, took the audience of publishers and advertisers through BE: Asia 2011 and highlighted some of the results. Interestingly, print is still strong with this group. 98% read the press while 81% were watching international TV channels. The digital media was important to this group but the traditional media could not be ignored.

There were 238, 144 executives interviewed across eight surveyed countries. The countries were South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand.

The respondents earned on average US$200,000 pa. This is a higher earning group than those surveyed for PAX , a similar survey which will also be releasing its findings very shortly.

Click here to see the full results of BE:Asia 2011.

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