Vivek Ranadivé

Information about people, and even machines, is being collected and in real time being analysed. One can either be nervous about this or welcome it as being something that ultimately makes our lives better. One of the companies behind this is Tibco Software Inc. Its founder Vivek Ranadivé gave his company the slogan “Make the World a Better Place” (you can listen him on our VIP interview explaining his ideas). This year Tibco held its annual TUCON conference in Las Vegas with 1,200 employees and customers attending the three and half-day event. Born in Bombay, India, he was inspire by a TC programme on MIT and found his way to the USA with $50 in his pocket. He is now Chairman and CEO of an international company with offices around the world. He counts the late Steve Jobs and Sun Microsystems co-founder, Scott McNealy, as friends.

Two of his Vice Presidents also have their origins in India. To witness these Asians addressing and inspiring an audience of mainly Americans of European stock makes one realise how far the pendulum has swung.

Vivek Ranadivé

Ranadivé and his Marketing SVP, Raj Verma, both reminded the delegates of how far and fast the world has developed. The phone in our pocket has more computing power than the successful NASA moon-landing expedition. There are more iPhones sold in 24 hours than babies being born. Millions of images will be uploaded this evening on Facebook.

Raj Verma

There is a huge and expanding amount of information becoming available and the need is not only to store it but make connections so this data becomes useful. This is Tibco’s core business. Through this company’s products, this data is changing our lives, for the better we hope. It gives business greater efficiency and ensures consumers are, for instance, better served in hospitals and health care facilities. Data on your past check-ups and treatments are better co-ordinated. FedEx, HP and T-Mobile are also using software from Tibco to improve their company operations. Bringing this knowledge and integrating all this data can give a company “the two-second advantage” to quote the title of Ranadivé’s latest book. Having information first gives a company a head-start over competitors.

Recently, Tibco have moved into a new area by buying over Loyalty Lab. This brings this 15-year old company more closely into the marketing area and in direct contact with consumers.

For the engineers and data analysts attending TUCON, the presentation together with the more technical break-out sessions and training workshops, this would be time invested wisely. As consumers and marketers, we will soon start to reap the benefits of the progress Tibco and its customers are making.

Las Vegas may be a town of flashing lights and gambling casinos, but this well-organised event on 24th-27th September made sure everyone left a winner.

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