Most of our readers will have attended a conference, gala dinner, dined and shopped in the shopping arcades or even spent one or two nights as a hotel guest at the iconic Marina Bay Sands development in Singapore. As you savoured your buttered sole or gaze out of the window in your suite, you probably simply enjoyed the experience without thinking what went on behind the scenes to make the occasion a relaxing experience.

Bio (StarHub TV Channel 404) have completed filming a series of eight programmes on Marina Bay Sands. Instead of featuring the unusual architecture or stunning pool in the sky, they have gone underground into the labyrinth of corridors and departments beneath the hotel to film and interview the staff who prepare and serve the meals, greet and pamper VIP guests and organise events.

The sheer scale of the operation will amaze you. Each day the chefs prepared 7,000 meals… just for the staff! Imagine how much food and preparation goes into servicing guests and customers in the restaurants. The meals for room service actually have a separate kitchen, bigger probably than the main kitchen in many hotels in the world. All 47 kitchens are supervised by Executive Chef Christopher Christie who features in the segments.

Left to right: Executive Chef Christopher Christie and Executive Producer Chris Humphrey.
Team Member tapping employee pass to retrieve uniform.

Watch out for scenes featuring the automated belt that delivers the correct, clean and complete uniform within 60 seconds to the staff member as he or she clocks on.

Uniform Conveyors
MBS Wardrobe Department
Press briefing

Marina Bay Sands 24/7 creates mini-dramas each week as the staff at MBS struggle to overcome difficulties and deliver impeccable service to the guests and visitors. The Executive Producer for AETN All Asia Networks was Chris Humphrey.

For those who stay or dine in Marina Bay Sands, this series will make them appreciative of the service. Watch a few episodes of Marina Bay Sands 24/7 on Bio and you may realise that running your business is a piece of cake compared to running the sixth largest hotel in Asia.


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