Instant messaging, blogs, Skype, forums, Flickr, YouTube. For a whole new generation, half of living is being online and connected. They simplify their lives by subscribing to a variety of online services (which ironically complicates things with more address books, email addresses, interfaces to learn). It was a market ready for a service that could bring everything together.

pfingo, the brainchild of StarHub’s Advanced Multimedia Services group, offered a wide array of functions in a single mobile application, from internet phone calls and instant messaging, to pushmail and remote storage. It freed users from telco operator contracts, high charges and complicated set-up rituals. Most importantly, its services provided seamless integration from computer to mobile, so our customers could take it all with them.

DDB was tasked to launch pfingo to capture these technology leaders (who incidentally were largely immune to mainstream media). The goal was to sign up 3,000 trial users in 90 days for a closed trial.

The strategy: Go underground and create unprecedented chatter in every single conversation point. Working with a PR agency, we boldly invited 15 top bloggers in town to preview the trial. Equipped with a personalised DM pack, a brand new E65 pre-loaded with pfingo, one-to-one product familiarisation session, 24-hour support line to answer all their questions and turn-around time of 1 day.

Our bloggers were given free rein to comment on pfingo. They were uncensored, enthusiastic and wonderfully infectious.

Once the buzz was created and barriers lowered, we closed the loop with series of online advertising, encouraging visitors to ‘pull’ on a cord to free an object and the message – an invitation to a pfingo trial – and free themselves to talk, e-mail, leave their desk etc.

The online strategy was targeted at sites where chatter, curiosity and anything new was key. MSN Messenger, MSN, Yahoo! and HardwareZone were selected.

This was word-of-mouth at its most powerful, online, unfettered, totally infectious, 10,000 sign-ups in 4 days. Response was triple the target set, 86 days before deadline.

25 bloggers wrote daily blog entries on pfingo, which generated another 300 conversation threads within 10 days. Today, there is a total of 89 blogs about pfingo.

We also achieved an average click-through of 2.3% on MSN with our online campaign, exceeding the industry average of 1%, and a cost per acquisition of $20 per user.