The newly-formed Singapore Chapter of the International Advertising Association (IAA), together with AdAsia magazine held another networking night on 26th September at the Marketing Institute of Singapore. Over 20 members and guests attended to socialise and listen to the speaker, Dr Neil Gains, a psychologist and researcher, who presented the latest thinking on the consumer brain.

Dr Neil Gains on Brain Science.

Dr Gains then explained that the brain generally works in patterns, like how we’d wake up and brush our teeth instinctively, and that this is how consumers learn and often predict outcomes. He further explained that the brain is split into System 1 which are habits, and System 2, the conscious mind that makes new choices. He also advised marketers that they should consider having several archetypes when planning advertising campaigns. Some examples are the “Hero”, who often stands out. The exact opposite, is the “Everyman” who wants a sense of belonging. Dr Gains also gave an interesting comparison using Star Wars characters which he claims cover most of the archetypes.

The session ended with an engaging question and answer session during which he mentioned that brand consistency is important. When a brand leaves an impression in the consumer’s mind, it tends to stay and is very difficult to reposition, said Dr Gains.

For those interested on this topic, you’d be happy to know that there may be a workshop on Consumer Behaviour coming up soon. The IAA Chapter also plans to have more networking nights before year end.

The audience absorbed in Dr Gain's presentation.
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