In recent years, it has become clearer the important role branding plays in the success of a firm or product. Indeed a brand is considered a company asset and can be measured and compared for valuation. What makes one brand a success while other brands soon disappear will be discussed on this useful one day course that will give you an introduction to branding and how it can help your company. You will learn the components which go into making a strong brand and how to maintain your brand over a long period. Before you invest thousands of dollars in employing outside consultants, learn how the processes work and how you can save money by doing the groundwork internally. During the day you will see examples of international and Asian brands which have been successful and learn why.

You may just enjoy this short course if you have an interest in branding or plan to join a branding firm but if you own a small or medium business or you are its marketing manager, then this course is of vital interest to you. At the end of the day you will have the opportunity if you wish to sit down with a professional consultant from one or two local branding firms and discuss your own needs and get free advice.

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Trainer: Allein Moore has spent much of his career in advertising and marketing working on major brands such as SIA, Cathay Pacific, Toyota, Mitsubishi, UOB and DBS as well as smaller local brands like Gardenia bread. He has been a consultant with branding companies such as Designers UK and Consulus in Singapore. He created his first corporate identity in the UK as the age of 16 which was used until the death of the founder 50 years later. His logo for Quest, a Malaysia management company, is still being used after 22 years. Allein was the managing editor of Designer magazine and continues to publish AdAsia, an online publication for the advertising, marketing and media industry. He sits on the advisory board for the School of Design at Nanyang Polytechnic.

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