NEW_Dmas-LogoThe Direct Marketing Association of Singapore has been running a series of talks called ‘DMAS SoundBites’ at The American Club for some time. If you haven’t caught one of these lunch time presentations, we urge you to make good use of the midday break and learn something from one of the speakers. The most recent ‘SoundBites’ featured Bruno Tay, Country Manager of ICLP who spoke on loyalty marketing. ‘Bridging The Loyalty Chasm’ attracted an audience of 34 professionals. Tay revealed some interesting research from Forrester. Of course, price supersedes brand loyalty in all markets but there are differences across cultures. In China, for instance, consumers will even pay more to demonstrate their loyalty to a brand. It seems the Chinese assume the more expensive a product, the better it is. They are also good brand ambassadors – they are 70% more likely to recommend a brand to friends as opposed to 40% in more mature markets. Consumers in India are harder to engage but once interested they are more likely to participate. Response to mobile marketing is higher than in more mature markets.

Bruno Tay spoke on enhancing the consumer experience and customising rewards. The marketer, he said, should respect customer preferences.


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