Visit any electronic store and be overwhelmed by a line-up of competitive printer models, each shouting for attention with offerings of lower pico-litre, a greater number of nozzles, print of the highest resolution, faster printing speed, connectivity, etc… Each claiming more advanced functions and technology than before. The war between competitive printer brands rages at the shop front and in their marketing communication.

As a result of product parity in the market, consumers generally base their printer purchase on function and price, with no affinity to any brands. With no point of differentiation Canon found it difficult to gain brand preference and market share in the inkjet printer market.

Consumers have no more or less reasons to choose a Canon printer over another competitor brand.

The challenge

Canon has a rich and extensive heritage in photography/lens technology. Coupled with their continuous technological research and innovation drive, Canon was ready to launch a new successor range of inkjet printers (PIXMA) that not only showcases powerful interior engineering (Photo DNA, FINE Technology) but also boasts of many never-before creative printer functions – Advanced Media Handling. All packaged into a printer boosted with a state-of-the-art design.

Dentsu’s challenge was to develop a compelling premium brand position for PIXMA without falling into the vicious ‘technology war’ trap. The PIXMA brand communication needed to clearly differentiate Canon printers from the clutter by conveying emotional appeal and relevance to consumers. To clearly establish PIXMA as the new benchmark for its category – a class above its peers.

The idea

PIXMA’s powerful interior engineering in Photo DNA and FINE Technology delivers photo perfect prints like never before. Coupled with versatile Advanced Media Handling functions (Double-sided printing, 2 way paper feed and DVD/CD direct print), PIXMA printers deliver a whole new level of printing experience for the consumer.

Hence, the single-minded message of “Redefine your printing experience with PIXMA Photo Perfection.”

The execution

The campaign was launched in Asia comprising China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and India.

The thematic TVC establishes the PIXMA brand that redefines your printing experience with photo perfection quality prints, whilst the print ads worked harder in driving specific printer models’ features and benefits that take your printing experience to a whole new level.

In order to really drive home top-of-mind awareness and visibility for PIXMA, creative outdoor advertising on bus stop shelters, wholly-painted taxis and hoardings were also employed at strategic locations with high traffic.

The results

In a post-campaign PIXMA survey by research house Consumer Probe Pte Ltd in March 05. Top-of-mind brand awareness of the Canon Inkjet printer increased by 7% points (from 80% to 87%) over the period of Sept 04 to March 05. This is even higher than Hewlett Packard (83%), Canon’s closest competitor. (See Chart 4 below)

Canon sales personnel and distributors also indicated that they served many customers who walk into the stores specifically asking for a PIXMA printer, another good indication of high registration of PIXMA brand awareness and preference.

The main message take-out of the PIXMA campaign is High/Premium Quality (48%) as was the communication objective of the campaign. (See Chart 8C below)

After the launch of the PIXMA campaign, Canon managed to gain the lion’s share of the Inkjet market of 47% (almost half of the category, based on IDC data), stealing the market share from competitors, especially Epson.

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