Pico Pixel - Selene Chin (April 2016)

Keeping it Human

Integrating the Internet of Things into event management in Asia

The Internet of Things (IoT): one of the hottest topics in the world of technology and amongst marketers today. For the most part, we are seeing articles, debates and discussion on the enabling side of the IoT – the technology, the applications, the tools involved.

But I personally think that the most fascinating side of the IoT is… (Contributed by Selene Chin, Managing Director of Pico Pixel Pte Ltd)


Marking, Identification & COOL

Variable marking and coding: Making the best of a necessary good

It’s easy to think of variable marking, coding and identification requirements as a necessary evil, but the truth is they’re a necessary good. Look at all the ways packaging codes and markings can benefit consumers, producers, retailers and the brand itself. (Contributed by Liz Churchill, Vice President for Sales & Marketing (left), and Lyndsey Farrow, Marketing Communications Specialist, Matthews Marking Systems.)


Men’s beauty goes big in Asia. What can Western brands learn?

Bring up men’s beauty at a sports bar in the U.S., UK or Australia, and you’re likely to see some unkempt eyebrows get seriously raised.

But it’s not as if men don’t care about their appearance. From the metrosexual look of 10 years ago, to the rise of the bearded hipster, to the “man bun” hairstyles that have appeared… (Contributed by Kathryn Sloane, Director of Growth, APAC, at SGK)


Digital brands going brick-and-mortar (Things get real, real fast)

There’s an irony in the concern that brick and mortar retail is doomed to slowly erode: Some of the largest global brands are very intentionally giving birth to their brands in the physical space – in real life. Their challenge is, “How do we impactfully engage the consumer when the consumer only knows us on-screen or online?” (Contributed by Alex Vera, Director of Creative Services, IDL Worldwide)