New food labeling regulations are coming. Are you ready?

Many people gloss over or fail to fully comprehend nutritional information on food labels. But that’s about to change. And it’s not just because people are becoming more conscientious about what they eat. It’s also because the information is about to become easier to understand and much harder to overlook on the label. (Contributed by Stephen Kaufman, Chief Technology Officer, SGK)

Is it time to think “Online First” for packaging opened its doors online in 1995. They posted net sales of $511,000 in its nearly 6 months of operations. In 2014, online retail sales worldwide are expected to hit $1.5 trillion. Clearly, in the intervening years, how consumers shop and make purchase decisions changed drastically. Yet, most of the attention that goes to packaging – the most direct representation of the brand – still goes… (Contributed by Matt Bennett, SVP, Growth Strategies, Product Development & Innovation, at SGK)

Why the current market situation is making it tough for marketers

Today’s world of marketing is fast-paced and the number of available channels is multiplying, making it hard to keep the consumers focused and for marketers to keep consumers engaged. On top of an increasing number of media, there is also a lack of proper measurement benchmarks that enable marketers to make relevant business conclusions… (Contribution by Helene Blanchette, Senior Manager of Marketing Innovation and Regional Head of the 1:1 Experience Service, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific)

How big is going ‘small’

In November 2011, Patagonia famously put out a print ad telling consumers, “Don’t buy this jacket.” Since its inception, the Patagonia brand has stood for love of the outdoors. And with that love came a responsibility to actively protect the environment, which is equally part of… (Contributed by Nanda Sibol, Senior Director, Brand Strategy, Anthem)

10 tips to drive brand performance in Japan

Anyone who’s done business in Japan knows there’s nothing like it in the world. The Japanese market is unique, complex and has specific needs. And because Japan’s consumers are quickly going digital and expect perfection from goods and services, brands expanding in that nation need… (Contributed by Kathryn Sloane, Director of Growth, APAC, SGK / Co-author: Reiko Nakamura, Managing Director, Schawk and Anthem, Japan)