Say Hi to American Thai

Pum Lefebure, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer of Design Army (Washington, DC), talks about her life and work journey as a Thai woman and designer. She explains how Thai design training and culture has helped her achieve success in the USA. Lefebure discusses how she approaches design and gives examples of the unique approach for her clients in the fashion industry and theatre. She talks about the differing relationships between designers and agencies in her adopted country.


Getting the brand experience

Chung Su Ko, Creative Director, Brand Experience Group of Cheil Worldwide (Seoul), reveals the different countries and cultures to which he was exposed when growing up. He recalls his early career working in architecture and interior design, trying to find his niche. At AdFest 2015, he shared his thoughts on reframing the brand experience and gave examples of his work with Samsung. He speaks here enthusiastically about the Internet of Things and how it will become more important in the coming years.