Creativity is catching

AdAsia talks to Paul Kemp-Robertson, the Co-Founder & Editorial Director of ‘Contagious’ magazine, at AdFest 2016. Paul reveals his motivation in starting this inspiring magazine and how his organisation has developed since the early days of the print magazine.

Marketing with a heart

An interesting presentation at Spikes Asia 2015 was from Pratik Thakar who spoke of the campaigns produced by Coca-Cola that go beyond sales marketing and help the community. He also talks to Allein Moore about his early career that led to his current intriguing title of Creative Content and Design Excellence Head at Coca-Cola.

Say Hi to American Thai

Pum Lefebure, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer of Design Army (Washington, DC), talks about her life and work journey as a Thai woman and designer. She explains how Thai design training and culture has helped her achieve success in the USA. Lefebure discusses how she approaches design and gives examples of the unique approach for her clients in the fashion industry and theatre. She talks about the differing relationships between designers and agencies in her adopted country.

Playing in the virtual world

Simon Gosling, Global CEO of Happy Finish (London), has moved from rock band leader to someone leading the developments in digital imagery. He talks to Allein Moore about the value of augmented reality and virtual reality to advertising and discusses some of his latest work. Gosling also reveals how he has brought this technology to Asia.

Getting the brand experience

Chung Su Ko, Creative Director, Brand Experience Group of Cheil Worldwide (Seoul), reveals the different countries and cultures to which he was exposed when growing up. He recalls his early career working in architecture and interior design, trying to find his niche. At AdFest 2015, he shared his thoughts on reframing the brand experience and gave examples of his work with Samsung. He speaks here enthusiastically about the Internet of Things and how it will become more important in the coming years.

The digital journey

Nick Law, Global Chief Creative Officer of R/GA, speaks to Allein Moore on his path which led from design to advertising to interactive. He emphasises the importance of design skills even in the digital field. In his presentation at AdFest 2015, Law suggested ways to think creatively and tell brand stories. He feels the legacy agencies have not realised the potential of the abundant media.

Lenovo conquers new territory

AdAsia interviews Ajit Sivadasan, VP and General Manager Global Web Sales and Marketing at He talks about his own journey in digital and offers reasons why the Lenovo brand has been successful. Ajit Sivadasan explains the focus now given to the Web and social medial by his company and team.

Images go natural

Allein Moore met up with Micha Schwing, Creative Planning Manager at Getty Images, London, during AdFest 2013. She spoke during the Festival on the trends in advertising photography and the growing reliance on the more natural images captured by non-professional photographers. During this VIP Interview, Micha talks also of her career journey.