David Shaw and Mário Braz de Matos

A new brand and marketing consultancy Lux Eterna has been launched in Singapore. Behind it are two seasoned marketers. Mário Braz de Matos has worked on Unilever and Nokia business in Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa, while David Shaw, an ex-advertising copywriter worked for HP and Lenovo across Asia Pacific.

They are advocates for the Challenger methodology which was originally developed by Adam Morgan who founded the British consultancy eatbigfish in the late 1990s. This concept has been refined and applied to companies like Google, Visa, Unilever, Kraft, Audi and others. Lux Enterna is in a strategic partnership with eatbigfish.

Both men want to see Asian brands take their place on the world stage and feel they are currently under-represented.

“This is Asia-Pacific century; this is our time. We are poised to help audacious clients develop a Challenger mindset that will enable them to punch above their weight and succeed in the global arena,” says Shaw.

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