Asia Pacific International Advertising Brand Pavilion

The regional Chinese government building a 13-storey complex in the culturally rich Hangzhou which will house creative business seeking to enter the China market. The Asia Pacific International Advertising Brand Pavilion will cover 22,000 square metres. Contained within The Pavilion will be ten creative components: Advertising, Innovation and Design, Branding, Patent and Trademark Resources, Education and Training, Movie and TV Production, New Media, Marketing, Public Relations and Corporate Communications. The complex will also house a convention and exhibition centre.

A team from China has already visited Hong Kong, Macau and Taipei to encourage the industry associations and their members to participate. On 2nd June, the team came to The Westin hotel in Singapore to network with industry representatives and sign an co-operative agreement with KHL Printing Group, M2B World Asia Pacific, Singapore’s Design Business Chamber represented by its President Tai Lee Siang and a local media group, Indigio Venture, led by Managing Director Alvin Soe. The Pavilion is backed by Gongshu District Government and supported by the Hangzhou Municipal Government and Zhejiang Provincial Government. The new centre is part of a larger business park called the Hangzhou Canal Advertising Industry Park that aims to position Hangzhou as the centre of China’s advertising and media industries.

MOU signing on 2nd June 2014.

Singapore companies who take this step will have help penetrating this market and negotiating its many regulations. The developers are also offering tax incentives and rental subsidies for one to three years. There are numerous other carrots to encourage firms to invest there.

This looks like an exciting venture and obviously the Chinese government is throwing a lot of money behind this large development. China offers a huge market which is attractive to those restricted by Singapore’s small size. This could be a great opportunity for the small to medium size business but it may not work for everyone, so move cautiously.

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