A recent partnership with Star World’s 1GiantLeap has allowed Chivas Regal to deliver its rich brand message throughout Asia via a tailor-made integrated marketing package encompassing a ground-breaking television programme, music, parties and an online contest.


1GiantLeap is a one-hour documentary based on the 25-country odyssey of musicians-filmmakers Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman. It features inspirational meetings with influential thinkers and artists and gathers exhilarating music from across the globe united by a global theme: connecting cultures and ideas. The 12-song 1GiantLeap album and DVD were launched in Asia in October.

Chivas Regal’s partnership with 1GiantLeap is a prolongation of the brand’s longtime association with music and a rich, fulfilling lifestyle. The programme allowed the brand to bring to Asian audiences a uniquely inspiring piece of work showcasing world spirit. “We see it mirroring the true life and spirit of Chivas Regal,” said Pernod Ricard Asia’s Regional Marketing Director Ramesh Ramakrishnan. “We agree that cultures around the world have a unified theme; and this is something that inspires people at a very deep level. It’s not just about their music, it’s about the true spirit that is inside all of us. It’s when you know, isn’t it?” he adds.

Relying on the scale of its network, Star brought Chivas Regal’s message beyond Star World to other Star channels, conveying it to an even larger audience around Asia. On-ground events and an online contest further enriched the campaign, magnifying its impact in the region.

Chivas Regal’s sponsorship package

On Air

In association with Chivas Regal, Star World exclusively broadcast the programme across Asia on December 13, 2002. It was heralded by a one-hour ‘making of’ on December 6. Both shows were carrying Chivas Regal commercials as well as opening and closing billboards featuring the brand’s distinctive tagline “When you know”.

The programmes were promoted with a series of original vignettes rotating from late November not only on Star World, but also Star Movies, Channel [V] International and the National Geographic Channel. Those vignettes, produced by Star, featured poignant moments from the show that reflect the values expounded by Chivas Regal whose billboard and “When you know” tagline appeared as closing titles.

In addition to the programmes and the vignettes, Star World and Channel [V] International aired from November two video clips of uplifting songs extracted from the 1GiantLeap album. (Earlier this year, 1GiantLeap was nominated for two Grammy Awards: Best Short Form Video for “My Culture”, featuring Robbie Williams and rotating on Star channels, and Best Long Form Video). Chivas Regal’s billboards appeared before and after the video clips.

On ground

To associate the brand even more closely with 1GiantLeap and reach deeper into the Asian market, Star brought 1GiantLeap and Chivas Regal together again to on-ground media parties organized region-wide in October for the launch of the 1GiantLeap 12-song album. The parties, featuring Chivas Regal branding and programme tune-in information were attended by Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman and took place in Sin-gapore, Bangkok, Taipei, Seoul and Hong Kong. Previews of 1GiantLeap set the backdrop for the events.

Each 1GiantLeap album sold in the region carried a sticker with the TV show tune-in details and a Chivas Regal logo.


In addition to heavily promoting the Chivas Regal-branded site on Star channels, a 1GiantLeap e-mail-driven online contest was launched to create further association between 1GiantLeap, Star and Chivas. Two “push” e-mails, including an embedded auto-run vignette as a teaser, were deployed preceding both the Making Of & the 1GiantLeap Special. Participants could click through from the e-mail into an entry form in starasiatravel.com to enter in their details, for a chance to win a trip for two to Hong Kong as well as 1GiantLeap CDs & DVDs and Chivas Regal prize packs.


1GiantLeap’s inspiring concept has captivated Asian audiences and proved an effective platform to drive Chivas Regal’s brand values deeply. The comprehensive campaign orchestrated by Star has brought 1GiantLeap to the public through a variety of ways – television, music, packed live parties and online – allowing Chivas Regal to connect profoundly with its target market in Asia and to leave a lasting impression.

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