In a new study conducted by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council identifies the top 10 ways marketers can add value across the marketing ecosystem by embracing real-time adaptive marketing models and practices.

The study titled ”Unify to Multiply Marketing Ecosystem Effectiveness” finds marketers seeking continuous decision support in every facet of the go-to-market process. Product life cycles are shorter and more tenuous and consumers are more connected, opinionated and virally influential.

“Embracing the need for real-time, adaptive marketing practices and process improvement platforms and solutions is a strategic priority for brands,” said Donovan Neale-May, CMO Council Executive Director. “Having greater visibility into market dynamics, better knowledge of customer behaviour and intentions, as well as more effective competitive tracking systems is heightening the requirement for new levels of “Market Sense-Ability” across the organisation.”

In the report, the CMO Council identifies the top ten ways to create ecosystem value. This includes the need to:

Break down functional silos

Institutionalise the use of data analytics

Provide marketing insights+intelligence on-demand

Transfer best practice knowledge worldwide

Synchronise supply and demand side operations

Add discipline and rigor to campaign design, development and testing and delivery

Ensure brand consistency, compliance and digital asset control

Power the pipeline across acquisition, cultivation and closure cycles

Maximise customer value- relationships, revenue and rapport

Institute closed-loop performance measurement systems.

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