The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council keeps its ear to the ground all year round. Here in a new study, conducted in partnership with HP, CMO Council reveals that marketers in the $1.3 trillion global telecommunications industry are being both challenged and enabled by the free over-the-top (OTT) communications service providers, such as Google, Skype and Facebook. While these companies are supplying customers with sophisticated web-based features that are competing with fixed and mobile operators, OTT players are also being courted for partnerships and revenue-sharing opportunities by traditional communications service providers (CSPs). These traditional players have a legacy of local and long distance wire line phone services but have also added wireless communications, Internet services, fibre optics networks, cable TV networks and commercial satellite communications.

The CMO Council found 44% of telco marketers who participated in the “Profitability From Subscriber Acuity” study undertaken in the second to fourth quarters of 2012, were actively exploring OTT partnerships and revenue-sharing opportunities. In addition, 31% are identifying potential revenue streams from new products that can be offered to OTT players, including subscriber analytics ad behavioural insights. This represents a significant shift in the mindset of telco marketers from even a year ago when an earlier study showed 88% saw OTT innovators as competitors.

One particular worry, however, emerged. It seems CSP marketers were held back by a lack of visibility and insights into critical areas of intelligence and analytics. Only 5% of marketers have access to an automated solution the leverages data and intelligence to enable improved decisions or personalise individual engagements.

To see the detailed findings, including in-depth interviews with marketing leaders from global CSPs like AT&T, Bell Canada, Optus, Orange, Sprint and Virgin Mobile, etc, read the 90-page comprehensive report. Click here to download.

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